First day is dedicated to our starting point - ancient Athens. While going to the marina, you will admire with beautiful buildings and monuments, older than all other Europe, blossoming orange trees and thousand of stylish yachts. Then you will enjoy smooth sailing on gentle waves.

Our second day will start in Poros. You will see the ruins of old Poseidon temple and will enjoy with excellent beaches. The life is simple there – just sky, sun, sea, and some fish.

Third day is dedicated to Spetses. It is perfumed island – your noses will be happy with flavours of pine trees, thyme and rosemary. It is one of the luxury islands, chosen by rich owners of cargo ships many years ago, and you are invited to check their choice.

On fourth day you will see Hydra. It is the island with the natural style of living, you will not find any car or motorbike there, there are donkeys instead. Myriads of stars just overhead will make any your dream coming true. It seems that life has been frozen there one hundred years ago.

Enjoy warm and turquoise Aegean Sea and the beautiful Greek islands, starting every day on the new adventurous island, and finishing every day in the comfortable marina, to the strains of the sea. No schedules, no limitations – everything is up to you, just come and sail.

Get a perfect stay on a comfortable luxury yacht:

Discover the best traditions of the delicious Greek cuisine: new meal every time, new unique traditional restaurant every dinner;

Use all advantages you could ever imagine: